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Building Free Men

Uncommonly Freeing Masonic Education

This 12 Chapter book is designed to provide to you with insights into how the meaning of some important words used within the Freemasonic Order have changed over the years. It has 164 pages of in depth information with additional Work opportunities, appendices, footnotes and Masonic challenges spread throughout the book.

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Author Note:

Building Free Men is a continuation of the Building Better Builders Series of Uncommon Masonic Education books that I began writing back in 2008.

Building Free Men takes a different direction from what has been focused upon in past volumes. Prior to this book, the focus of the series has been mainly upon Recognizing and Understanding the symbols and concepts presented within Freemasonic Ritual, their basis and Applying them toward Bettering one’s life. This book delves into how some very important words used within the Freemasonic Organization have changed over time. It explores the impact these changes have had upon the Organization and its members.

As with the other books of this series, it’s offered as a instruction manual that can be used to Coach, Mentor, Tutor, Instruct and Train Brothers and yourself in developing a better understanding of what can be done to bring back well-founded Masonic Practice into the Organization.

Like most things that are Masonic, the focus is put forth Allegorically but this book does also get into the actual roots and histories of the words. As always, it is intended to be directed inwardly to help refine the intended audience. In other words, the book is about helping you identify things that they can do to improve yourself and others.

These goals, of course, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Fraternally & Sincerely,

Dr. John S. Nagy

Tampa Bay, Florida - July 2014

Masonic Light is near impossible to obtain if you don't know where to look. In “Building Free Men”, Volume 8 of the “Building Better Builders” series of Uncommon Masonic Education books, Dr. Nagy shares twelve jammed-packed chapters filled with insights and information designed to help you to train yourself toward recognizing when you are faced with a growth opportunity, help you understand what you can do to be a Better man and help you take more effective actions in dealing with Brothers and yourself on a day to day basis. Masons on the Masonic path will glean tremendous Insights into what they can do to Better their options, choices and abilities, in these respects.

Dr. Nagy’s book contains:

  • The True Purposes behind Proficiencies.
  • What it actually takes to Cultivate Free Men.
  • Exploration into the roots, histories, backgrounds, and meanings you won’t normally hear about some important Words & Phrases used within the Organization of Free & Accepted Masons. (Words & Phrases like: “Freemason”, "Free Mason", “Freeborn”, “Freestone”, “Acceptance”, “Admittance”, “Scholarship”, “Operative”, “Speculative” and “The Word”.
  • Critical connections, ideas and concepts that help you better Recognize, Understand and Apply this information toward Bettering yourself and supporting others toward this same end.

And, as usual, Insights and Light on the Challenges that all Brothers face in Cultivating a better Understanding of the Craft overall. Thought-provoking development questions and exercises designed to stir and support your Skills and Masonic Transformations. Invaluable fodder for Masonic Discourse between Brothers within the Lodge and without. Assorted Masonic Ciphers and other information intended to challenge, delight and support the concepts Masons need in their Work. And much more...

Dr. Nagy provides you with yet another interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking guide to improve, strengthen and support your Masonic awareness and clarity. He shares key information and insights that will help you better understand how facets of Blue Lodge Ritual fit together to help you in all your present and future Building efforts.

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