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26 Questions for New Clients & Prospects to Consider

Are you wondering what your first session might be sound like? Good! Here is a preview of what you can expect - A "virtual" sampling of the questions you'll be asked during our first coaching session . . .

. . . Or, you can take the Coach's Challenge and see what a very intensive "road map" type of session might look like.

Questions to be Ready to Answer

About You . . .

  1. What is the gift that you have that you'd feel great about orienting your life around?

  2. What is your life long dream that's worth living, starting now?

  3. What are you looking for in a coach?

  4. What are the 5 changes to make in the next week to get you off to a good start in our coaching?

    About You and Me . . .

  5. Why have you hired me?

  6. How can I best coach you?

  7. How will you know how effective our coaching has been?

  8. Do you understand that I stand for YOU, not your goals?

    About Blocks to Progress . . .

  9. How might you sabotage our professional relationship?

  10. Where are you most irresponsible?

  11. What consumes your time and energy that doesn't give you a wonderful present or future?

  12. What might you be addicted to? (alcohol, sugar, adrenaline, stress, etc.)

  13. Should you be in therapy and be resolving something?

    About Motivation and Desire . . .

  14. What motivates you?

  15. Where do you get your energy from?

  16. How willing are you to make substantial changes?

  17. How willing are you to do things the easy/simply way?

    About Personal and Business . . .

  18. How strong is your Personal Foundation?

  19. What percentage of the life you are leading, is actually YOUR life?

  20. What are the 5 biz opportunities that you are currently not making the most/anything of?

  21. How much profit should your business/department be making?

    Prior Coaching . . .

  22. Have you ever been coached before?

  23. Are you recently coming out of a coaching relationship?

  24. How was your experience?

  25. What were the positive and negative sides of the experience?

  26. Based on that experience, how do you want to be coached now?

    Back to start

    Please let me hear from you if you have any questions or comments. OR if you respond to these questions and share them with the coach, you will get complimentary coaching time.

Try our "Coaching For Success, Inc." Coach's Challenge!

Email: Coaching For Success, Inc.
Or call: 813-949-0718

Either way... ...ask for a Coach!

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