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CFS Services

    Coaching Division
  • One-on-One Coaching Package
    1. Face-to-Face (when available) - These are scheduled coaching calls where the coach will meet with you at your office or at a convenient location near by.
    2. By-Phone Sessions - These are scheduled coaching calls where the coach will meet with you over the phone.
    3. E-mail and Instant Messenger - Many times all that is needed by you may be a quick communication to the coach that doesn't require an immediate response. This service is offered to you and is available to you at times when the servicing coach is on line and not with another client.
    4. Touch Bases - These are unscheduled three to five minute calls to the coach used by you as a reality check, options discussion, brainstorming, sounding board or to share a success. This option is exercised by you when desired. When a touch-base is underway, you are to identify yourself, state the topic of discussion and asks how much time the coach can provide to you at that moment. Should the coach be available, the coach will talk with you or if time is not available, the servicing coach will set up a time when the coach can assure you the support you may need. Should the call go for a longer amount of time, it may cut into the time of the next call or act as a substitute for the next coaching call.
    5. Scheduled sessions last from 30 - 60 minutes depending on your needs.
    6. There are 3 - 4 scheduled coaching sessions per month depending on your needs.

  • One-Shot Consultations
    1. A highly focused coaching session focusing on a specific area.
    2. You have no obligation toward the coach afterward.

  • Group Coaching Package
    1. Available on phone bridge or locally (if available)

  • INTENSIVE Project Coaching
    1. Same as the "One-on-One Coaching Package" only project based.
    2. These are HIGHLY focused intensives that are used by clients to move past, complete and generally accomplish something in a very short amount of time.
    3. You choose the focus area/project and the coach helps you focus on moving toward completion ASAP.

  • Group Workouts
    1. Same as the "INTENSIVE Project Coaching" only it is group based and are no longer than one day in length.

    Software/Programming Support Division (Occasionally we provide the following support billed on a quarter-hour basis . . .)
  • ACT 2000 / ACT 5.0 / ACT 4.0 support
  • Excel support
  • Word Processing support

Our competent staff is at your side, assisting you in bringing about your goals. Let us know if we can QUOTE a special job or project for you!

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