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My Philosophies in Life

  • Life's too short to waste our time re-inventing things and spending an eternity of "Groundhog Days" never getting to our intended life's next day.
  • Our mission, should we agree to accept it or not, is to develop ourselves to the highest ability we are able to attain and have a lot of fun, wonder and delight along the way.
  • Along this path, we are to encourage, respect & support others as they do the same for us. The process is simple, but many of us create complications. Status, wealth & accomplishment often come with a heavy personal and spiritual cost if we're without a strong foundation.
  • Success is loving what we do so much that we are willing to do it for free, but doing it so well that others are willing to pay us for it. When we do this, we put ourselves on the kind of track we are meant to be on all along, attaining a type of peace of mind achieved only as a result of enjoying who we are & what happens as a consequence of it.

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