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Client Feedback and Friendly Thank You's

As a rule I don't ordinarily post these sort of things. I always say who I coach is no one else's business. It's confidential and from my standpoint, it remains as such. Every once in a while a client or friend is moved to send me a note stating the impact that I have had on his or her life. They ask me to please use it as a reference.

These people are special to me. So I have taken what they have shared and hope that it gives you a glimpse of some of the wonderful connections I have made with others.

  • "Even though I'm associated with a large company, the work I do can sometimes be lonely unless I pull others in as part of my team. I appreciate that you're on my team!"
    David A Rosenthal, CFP
    Senior Financial Advisor
    American Express Financial Services
    Arnold, MD

  • John has taken me from "nerdie college kid" to "sales rep" to "sales manager" to the youngest "Director" of my former company. In addition, John helped me transition from "working for the man" to "working for myself". His knowledge in all areas of business has been instrumental for me grossing over $100,000.00 additional income in just 3 short years.

    I can't imagine not having Coach Nagy in my corner!

    Dustin Mathews
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Killer Koncepts
    Tampa Bay Florida

  • "One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is to work with a good coach. Coach John has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support -- and much humor!. With his gentle, firm and sometime down right blunt guidance, I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality. He has helped me navigate the rough terrains, held me up when I am down and cheer me on when I am on a roll. He has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself -- without reservation!"
    Afsaneh Noori
    President / Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader and Facilitator
    Socio-Tech Systems / Change Thrivers
    Tampa, FL

  • "John, I want you to know that I was 29th out of 30 in the office when I met you. Within 4 months I was 6th in the office and had 10 times the sales I had the previous year. You kept me focused on what I needed to be focused on and helped me be accountable when I needed to be. Thanks again Coach!"
    Muslim Ali
    American Express Advisor
    American Express Financial Services
    Tampa, FL

  • "Funny how I keep saying [I have] no time - and you helped me find it. ... Hiring you is one of the best decisions I have made - both for my business and for personal growth. Thanks for being there for me!"
    Katherine Bullock
    Americas Insurance Advisors
    Columbia, SC

  • "In the last six months of coaching, I've seen a 70% gross $ production increase and a 100% net $ increase. Best of all, I've played more 'country club' golf in the last month that I did in the last three years!"
    Peter J. Sullivan
    Vice President (Investment & Financial Advisor)
    Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
    Tampa, FL

  • "Whew! Quite the dynamic man [Coach Nagy]. I do not know who will take advantage of his offer to talk for an hour or who will take advantage of working with him on an ongoing basis, but I will tell you they are missing the boat [if they don't]! The idea of having a coach was not one that he had to talk me into as I was already looking into the idea ... but identifying one was something I was still in the process of doing. Well, no more. I would put my money on him in a heart beat and finding the funds will be a top priority! Too good of a secret to keep! - Bette"
    Babette E. Smith
    American Express Financial Advisor
    American Express Financial Services
    Alexandria, VA

  • "John Nagy of Coaching For Success, Inc. has been an invaluable tool in taking my company to the next level. Through helping me to prioritize items, see more efficient ways of getting things done, evaluating current marketing systems and defining professional goals I have watched my compony grow and flourish in ways that I would not have been able to achieve without his input. Having someone to ask me the 'hard questions' and help me to clarify the answers not only benefits my company, but also benefits me personally.

    I would highly recommend John Nagy to anyone who would like to become more focused, use their time more efficiently and see their visions come to pass."

    Matthew J. Myers
    One Stop PC Help, Inc.
    Tampa, FL

  • John, you have no idea what an breakthrough the Mind Access IQ is for me! As a result of this new information, I called my best friend in New York ... he was as amazed and excited as I am! - :)Kari
    Kari Keller - Helping Businesses at the Speed of FUN!
    Pretty Funny Corporate Workshops
    Tampa, FL

  • I feel that working with my coach [John], I've been able to recieve a strong clarity about my personal and professional life. I'm able to better achieve my goals and keep a more effective lifestyle. I've been able to develop a new courage to take on difficult challenges and know that the decisions I'm making are intelligent ones based on the facts and not just my emotions. It's a step in the right direction to propel your business working with a professional to set and achieve your goals successfully.
    Catherine A. Schaefer
    Senior Financial Representative
    Principal Financial Group
    Dublin, OH

  • My Personal Thanks - John, years ago, the great life insurance salesman Ben Feldman taught me a lesson that helped change my career. He said that if you can show someone that it will cost them more NOT to buy, then to buy, they WILL buy. Applying this principle years ago while selling insurance for AAA Michigan allowed me to overcome the obstacles facing a new sales rep and become the top producer of that company in my rookie year.

    I’ve learned many principles and lessons since then, but upon leaving AAA to persue my sales consulting career a few years ago, I discovered a whole new set of stumbling blocks. Your coaching skills and ‘centered’approach helped guide me through the rough areas which so easily confound new entrepreneurs. I can confidently say that anyone who is serious about achieving their potential and maximizing their performance is losing out if they fail to seek professional advice and help, and it is costing them greatly to NOT have you in their corner.

    My sincerest thanks to you for all you have done for me to date.


    Paul French
    President, NOS Marketing
    No Objection Selling, Inc.
    Troy, MI

  • "John . . . your impact has been tremendous. As a business coach, you have helped me focus on my plan, prioritize my activities, and become much more efficient. From a personal coaching perspective, you have been a fantastic sounding board, and you have helped me understand issues from many different perspectives. You also have a gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart, where it can be solved.
    You have gently but firmly pushed me when I needed it most, and that has made a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life. For that, I sincerely thank you."
    Sharon R. Lewcowitz
    American Express Advisor
    American Express Financial Services
    Tampa, FL

  • From defining the sales process, to establishing a system for tracking clients and closing the sale, Coach John has the ability to succinctly identify and solve every level of business challenge. In a remarkably short time, Coach John has shown me many of the time wasters which have gotten in the way of my progress and has taught me to run my business as a business. His frequent contact and gentle reminders of getting me “back on track” shows me he is more than just a “coach”, he is a friend who cares. I’d recommend him highly to anyone who wants to break out and move to the next level.
    Dale Thomas
    Financial Advisor
    Multi Financial Securities Corp.
    Clearwater, FL

  • E-mailed to a friend and cc'd to Coach Nagy: "HE CAN DELIVER WHAT YOU WANT. I don't know if I can quantify exactly what he has done [for me] but you know what my business was like this year and he is helping me structure it back to what it was 3 yrs ago ... only better. He dares you to exceed your previous limits and then turns around and walks you through how to do it. You and I both know what needs to be done but sometimes it takes a listening ear and some pointed questions to get us to move on and optimize what we are doing. John does that. You will end up with a really awsome training package.
    As far as the cost ... [what you asked about] is within the range I am paying. I'm with you in that I don't feel like I can afford it but I know I can't afford NOT to do it. He has already identified ways I can get specific help from the Wachovia staff as well as my own staff. In one instance he identified a savings of 40 hours for me ... and that was like in the second session. That's a $400 savings just on one suggestion.
    Linda Nabholz, CFP
    Vice President - Investment Officer
    Wachovia Securities
    Waterloo, IA

  • "Thank you for all the wonderful things you taught me in the last 3 months. I am grateful for all the things you shared with me. I hope to do this again in near future. Thanks!"
    Ravi Katikala
    Certified IT Architect
    IBM Global Services
    Tampa, FL

  • John, Thank you! You blew us away! Everyone was super impressed. I believe you moved lives Saturday. I had a few folks ask me what you charge . . . most assumed you were out of their bracket. I told them it would be worth it.
    [Commenting on a group coaching session/demonstration with the Florida Writer's Association - Tampa Palm Group]
    Brenda Crawford-Clark - Writer/Author
    "Body Sense"
    Member Florida Writer's Association
    Tampa, FL
  • "I am sitting in my office... ...evaluating this past year. The work that I have put in throughout these last few months has started paying off. I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders... ...Thanks for keeping me focused."
    Michael F. Hancock, Esquire
    Law Offices of Michael F. Hancock
    Tampa, FL

  • 1) "The couple of hours we spent on the phone was very helpful in clarifying some of my thoughts in relationship to my goals and needs. Your thoughtful questions and your ability to really listen and plug in to my concerns put me at ease and built my trust level and my confidence. Thanks so much for your time. Your Friend, Jim Bailey"

    2) (One Year Later. . .) I want to tell you how much I've appreciated our time together as coach and student over the last year. You have helped me focus on the business like I've never done before. Because of this focus I have eliminate many bottlenecks and have been able to focus on what I like best and that is talking to clients and marketing for new clients. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship. Your Friend, Jim"

    Jim Bailey, CFP (tm)
    Senior Financial Advisor
    American Express Financial Advisors
    IDS Life Insurance Company

    Austin, TX 78759

  • Thank you for giving me a much needed kick in the pants. ... But more than that, thanks for putting a good bit of my baggage into order for me. ... I have already added one new client to my practice ...
    Donna Doyon
    Personal Coach
    Westbrook, ME

  • "Thank you so much for your great ideas and assistance . . . Your logical approach . . . turned a nightmare into a work of art. I look forward to working with you again!
    Bob Moyers
    Vanguard Management Group
    Tampa, FL

  • "John, thank you for all your help ... You helped us the first day we called, providing assistance before you knew we were going to hire you. THAT is customer service.
    We had used two other(s) ... before we hired you. The other(s) we used did not come close to providing the quality service and information you provided. You solved our problems in a short period of time and even projected into the future and told us how to stop future problems before they started. We have used other(s) ... but you have been the answer to our prayers... you understood our problems, were fast to respond with solutions, and you provided easy to understand solutions and training to keep us on the right path in the future.
    In my exploratory phone call, you showed concern for our problems. Your focus was customer oriented. You listened to our problems and immediately gave us advise on how to solve some pressing issues. You did all of this during my exploratory phone call. I had not even indicated we were hiring you and you gave freely. You CARED about us and our problems. It was clear that your concern was for our welfare; therefore I hired you without hesitation
    And did you deliver! You showed up early and actually called us to let us know when you were arriving. During our first meeting you listened again to our problems and provided us with instant education to solve our problems. It was exactly what we needed. You projected into the future identifying future situations and advised us about methods to address those issues. Your relaxed manner and “easy to understand” educational approach made everything easy to comprehend.
    We were delighted. In all our experience with [others], we never had received so much quality support and training in such a short amount of time.
    By your second visit you had supplied us with 100% of what we needed to get our [job done.]
    You have a unique approach... the customer comes first and you showed it by giving me support during my exploratory call. Every other made me feel their customer was money and I was a bystander. Whenever I have a problem in the fhture and need professional help, you will be the first one I call.
    Thank you so much for all you did to make our lives easy."
    LaNona Robinson
    The Barrington
    Clearwater, FL.

  • "I feel that all the things I needed help with have been resolved. It is a joy to walk into my office at any time of the day or week and know that everything is under control. I could not be where I am today in my personal activity, or in my level of skill in communicating with my unit and enjoying delegation so much were it not for your expertise and wonderful guidance... ...In addition to being my Coach, I also consider you a friend! :-)"
    Anne Sullivan
    Senior Mary Kay Sales Director
    Mary Kay
    Orlando, FL

  • "John has been an outstanding Coach to me. I find him extremely insightful, inspirational, and intelligent. His coaching skills and expertise in helping business owners achieve their personal and professional goals is unmatched."
    Ellen Mortorella
    Productivity Institute
    Tampa, FL

  • "With John, we discovered common sense approaches to complex challenges and our profits went up 20% within 3 months. Just recently (9 months later) we ran the numbers related to the changes and goals John suggested and discovered we had increased our income stream by 310%. Boy were we surprised!"
    Tony Mittelo
    Gulfcoast Singles
    Tampa, FL

  • "I learned more today than one semester in college!"
    Beth Shaughnessy
    Account Manager
    AM620 WSUN
    St. Petersburg, FL

  • "After spending only 90 minutes with John, we have increased our billable hours from 90 to 120, lowered our overhead costs & increased the overall morale of our service people."
    Sherlene Maddan
    Store Manager
    Goodyear Auto Service Center
    Tampa, FL

  • Review of [my] Successes [since starting coaching with you]:
    Financial services transition:
    This has been one of my primary goals over the last year or two. I’ve made very good progress in this area [this year]. My goals were: a) Have 50% of my revenue come from financial services (it was about 20%). This year it will be at least 40% of revenue with a very good chance that it will exceed 50%, with [next year] looking even more promising. b) Qualify for Million Dollar Roundtable. I’ve done this and have a chance to qualify for the Court of the Table, with a chance of qualifying for the Top of Table [next year]
    Backlog of work:
    This had been a recurring theme for the past two years. The effects of this were being seen in poor service, more mistakes, lost opportunities and slowing down my financial services transition. We’ve made great progress in this area. Adding staff, even on a part-time basis was an important step. We now are very current on all work in the office. This allows me more flexibility in delegating to and teaching [staff] (because we are not under the gun time wise all the time), more time to think about client situations and ideas and to visit with clients, other advisors and referral sources.
    Keeping track of work in progress, additions and commitments:
    [This has been] another long-time problem/concern. Poorly used systems for keeping track of these things also added to the backlog problem as I had to deal with more “fires” rather than schedule work out on a timely basis. I’ve made improvements here by being better at making notes in my work schedule immediately, using ACT to schedule “to do’s” and reminders. I’ve also been working on improving my note taking both via paper memos and in ACT.
    Changes to better manage workflow:
    I’ve identified and implemented (or prepared to implement) a number of things that should help with retirement plan workflow next year. This should greatly improve our service to many of the retirement plans, spread the work out rather than compress it because we are under the gun and speed up the billing and collection process.
    Screening of prospects, etc.:
    I’m getting better at recognizing people or situations that appear promising, but don’t really produce results. [I’m] becoming a little better screener for my efforts and ideas.
    [I now have] databases and systems in place for recurring communications with prospects and existing clients. [I] did my first pension prospect mailing in a couple of years.
    Professional development – financial services:
    One of the steps I [did] to improve my knowledge and confidence in the financial services area was to sign up for the CLU course work. I’ve started the first course, but having a lot of time studying for the exam. I’ve postponed the exam once. I need to take the exam before the end of the year. I’ve started studying each morning before the normal work day.
    John Power, CPA
    Tax, Financial and Benefits Strategist
    Power and Associates
    Bismarck, ND

  • Great work on the "Babe" top 10! Thanks. If I were a goose, I'd crow.
    Bob Hill
    ICF Member

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