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About Those Credentials and Background

Coach John S. Nagy
CEO/Lead Business Coach
Coaching for Success, Inc.
Tampa, Florida

John S. Nagy is a multi degree professional business/life coach and technical advisor who provides coaching support to business professionals through his home office in the Tampa Bay area. John has been in the coaching field since January 1989, running his own coaching practice since that time.

His coaching oriented corporation (Coaching for Success, Inc.) operates on the principles he asks his own clients to practice. Coach Nagy started his organization with a rich background of experience in the business development and consulting field. He specializes in systems evaluation and development along with a strong tendency toward keeping people in action once a goal has been clearly identified and committed to.

Coach Nagy has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and a Masters of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM). Both degrees have served him well in bringing to his clients a sharply honed ability to evaluate business processes, both technical and people based, and create measurement systems to assure follow through from the people involved.

Along with his two degrees from the University of South Florida’s College of Engineering, John is also a graduate of Coach U. This innovative school, started in the early 1990's, trains coaches world wide in the fine art and science of personal and professional coaching. Once Coach Nagy started taking his classes, he was quickly recognized by both student and teachers alike as a person who had much to offer the coaching profession and the clients this profession serves. Because of this, he was asked by the founder of Coach U, Thomas Leonard, to spear-head the formation of the International Coaching Federation in 1996 and was ICF's First Executive Director. At that time, he personally helped form over 60 ICF chapters within 6 weeks before a board of directors was formed to take over the task of running the newly formed organization.

Coach Nagy is also a well recognized state certified county mediator here in Florida. He both mediates court ordered cases in the 13th Judicial Circuit of Hillsborough County part time and trains fellow mediators throughout the state. His experience in this field has helped many clients craft agreements and systems that take into account default conditions and helps prepare those he serves to better negotiate contracts with their internal and external clients.

He is a published author since the early 1990's, writing and publishing many articles and booklets on personal and professional development. Most recognized in the business world are his articles on business development and management effectiveness. He is especially known for his two series on business ownership and business sales pipelines. Some of Coach John's books, "Provoking Success - Uncommmon Coaching for the Uncommon Soul" and "Emotional Awareness Made Easy - Uncommon Sense About Everyday Feelings" can both be found here.

Coach Nagy was also a member of the local Chapter of the Financial Planners Association. While a member, he provided facilitation to two groups he started to benefit other members - the Financial Planners Round Table Discussion Group and the FPA sponsored ACT! Users Group of Tampa Bay. Both groups served Tampa Bay area professionals in providing support to business owners in streamlining business operations and creating greater return on business efforts. The ACT! User's Group is still actively serving both FPA members and other users located throughout the West coast of Florida.

John is also known throughout the Tampa Bay area as a speaker and trainer on a wide variety of subjects related to business and personal development. He taught related course-work through "Baywinds," a Tampa Bay based adult education facility. He has been actively engaged in his teaching activity since 1989.

He is proudly married to his wife Candy since 1989 and, along with their two young sons, resides in the South-central area of Pasco county.

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