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Assessment Area

An assortment of assessments and supporting articles offered to help you assess many different areas in your business and your life. If you're wanting even more muscle in this matter, here are . . .
  • General Coaching Tools,
  • Business Coaching Tools,
  • Career Coaching Tools,
  • Life Coaching Tools,
  • Relationship Coaching Tools,
  • Personal Coaching Tools,
  • 12 Step Coaching Tools
  • Recovery Coaching Tools
  • Spiritual Coaching Tools
  • Energy Coaching Tools
  • Conflict Management Coaching Tools
  • Financial Management Coaching Tools
offered to help you do this more consistantly, effectively and efficiently.

Are you interested to know the distinctions we've drawn between assessments and tools?

Business Building . . .

  1. Flow! - How's Your Business Pipeline Doing?! Evaluate where you need to focus.
  2. Prospecting - How's Your Prospecting? Here's a check list
  3. Referrals - How's Your Referrals? Is your referral system working?
  4. Problem Areas - How's your business overall? Things to consider.
  5. Building Value - How does your business increase its value? Rate yourself and make your plans.
  6. Business Declines - "If it ain't broke, fix it anyway!"

Business Management . . .

  1. Winning Traits - Are you a winner?
  2. Management Effectiveness - Are you an effective manager? Here are some ways to judge
  3. Leadership Effectiveness - Effective leaders don't let one worker drag down others
  4. Volunteerism - Asking for volunteers is asking for trouble
  5. Too Bossy?! - Are you a boss or a leader?

Staff . . .

  1. Support - Selection of right employees key to success in management
  2. Whiners - Some workers will always complain
  3. Proactivity - Proactive people make most cash, survey says
  4. Neglecting Winners - Top performers pay price for job well done
  5. Environment - Let workers have fun on the job
  6. Subordinate Bonds - Supervisor must watch friendships
  7. Fostering Self-Starters - Current-day managers revel in empowerment
  8. Team Killers - What makes a good team

Effectiveness . . .

  1. Boss from Hell?! - Bosses are easy targets but they have hard jobs
  2. Red Tape - Don't let paperwork shuffle priorities
  3. Coaching Support - Management pros whip your bosses into shape
  4. Vision DrivenVisionary firms create success

Personal . . .

  1. Motivation - What motivates you - (This is an Excel spreadsheet file, press the "shift" key and click with left mouse button to download this file and open it up in Excel.)
  2. Coach-ability - Are you coachable?
  3. Direction - Willing to take a challange - A Coach's Challenge?
  4. Personality - Personality Profiles!!!!
  5. Review - Ready to be coached? Here's some starter questions
  6. Optomist/Pessimist - Got a Happy Face?
  7. Stress - That giddy feeling could be stress

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