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FAQ About Coaching

"Which special person do you have in your life to help you keep your skills sharp and your business and life in balance?
- - - - Coach John S. Nagy

What is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship by choice with an highly skilled professional who works with you as a personal partner. As a result of this relationship, you . . .
  • . . . exceed your previous limitations continuously;
  • . . . keep open to requests to do more than you would have done on your own;
  • . . . set and reach better more worthwhile goals;
  • . . . produce results more easily and quickly;
  • . . . reenforce and sharpen desired skills so that you are the best you can be.

"People get focused and produce faster and easier because they have a coach."

How is coaching different from other professions?

  • Consultants say: Here's the solution.
    (Coaches assure you follow through.)
  • Motivators say: Here's the carrot & whip.
    (Coaches assure incentives change with you.)
  • Trainers say: Here's how to do it.
    (Coaches assure you master that knowledge.)
  • Therapist say: Here's why you're doing it.
    (Coaches focus on what's right about you.)
  • Mentors say: Let me show you the ropes.
    (Coaches assist beyond corporate ladders.)
  • Sport Coaches say: Here's how to beat others.
    (Coaches assure you're in a win/win mode.)

What is the basic philosophy of coaching?

Everyone can get what's wanted a lot faster and easier teaming up with a coach partner.

Who hires coaches and why?

Those wanting more, wanting growth & wanting it easier. Coached clients get all three.

What happens when you hire a coach?

  • You take yourself more seriously and gain forward momentum in your activities.
  • You take more effective and focused actions - immediately.
  • You stop putting up with energy drains and get results with less effort.
  • You set goals that are truly impacting on where you most want to grow.

Does the coach work on personal goals or business/professional goals?

Coaches believe that personal and business matters definitely influence each other. Hence, coaches are trained to work professionally with all client aspects.

Where does the coach focus with an average client?

Coaches focus on supporting the client in getting maximum effectiveness. Clients really enjoy and truly appreciate coaches focusing in on what's going to make them their most successful and fulfilled.

Why does coaching work so well for the client?

Overall effectiveness increases because the client is maximizing their feedback channels. They stay focused, stay in action and are held accountable.

Why is coaching becoming more popular?

Coaches have easier ways to accomplish things. They have tools, ideas & connections to help client's Big Ideas become Reality.

Is there some context in which coaching can be placed for me?

Your coach focuses on your whole person. They challenge you & take the time to find out what winning in life means to you. Your coach is your personal partner in living the life you want, personally & professionally. He or she is someone you place your trust in to help you hold yourself accountable for your life and to make sure you really do live up to your full potential.

What about people who are already doing great in their lives. Why would they want a coach?

There are people who don't use a coach as a resource. They are already doing what they most enjoy. They are not tolerating anything. Their life is effortless. They are already on their way to being financially independent within the next 15 years. They already have what they most want.

Coaches have discovered that even these people want to expect more out of their lives. They usually want to have a resource available to help them venture into areas not looked at yet. This is where a coach steps in.

Can I hire a coach just for a short-term, special project?

Absolutely. Some clients hire a coach to help them accomplish specific goals or projects. Continuing to work with a coach is not unusual for these clients because new goals and projects come up because of their successes.

How long is the usual starting commitment when working with a coach?

A three to six month commitment is usual for coaches to request from their new clients. Most coaches let their clients stop immediately if coaching is not working for them right now.

What does it cost to hire a coach?

(WARNING: This is indictive of the coaching profession as a whole and not of our company pricing!)

Most clients discover that the coaching they receive pays for itself and that having a coach actually makes the client more money while opening up time and energy for other pursuits. To get the ball rolling, a client may expect to invest in a range of about $150 to $750 per month for three or four half-hour to full hour coaching sessions each month. Executive and Corporate coaching programs are more, often running $1,000 to $10,000 per month.

How do I get started?

Merely contact a local coach and ask fn interview coaching session. Most coaches offer these sessions at no or minimal cost to assure that coaching is right for you.

Try our "Coaching For Success, Inc." Coach's Challenge!

Email: Coaching For Success, Inc.
Or call: 813-949-0718

Either way... ...ask for a Coach!

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