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Building Perpends

Uncommon Aphorisms for
Uncommon Masonic Education

Table of Contents 

Preface						 iv
Primer						  v
Introduction					  8

 I. Craft Distinctions				 12
	Freemasonry & Masonry, Masons, 
	Ritual & Maps, Ashlars, Working Tools, 
	Coaching & Mentoring, Potential, Secrecy, 
	Transformation & Improvement

II. Entry  Preparing to Learn			 48
	Preparation Work, Apprentice Knowing,
	Apprentice Work & Working Tools,
	Values & Morality, Standards & Boundaries, 
	Time Management, Strength, 
	Passions & Desires, Vices & Superfluities, 
	Burdens, Faith, Hope & Love, Integrity, 

III. Passage  Learning How to Learn		 91
	Fellow Craft Knowing, 
	Fellow Craft Work & Working Tools,
	Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences, 
	Trivium & Quadrivium, Wisdom, Rising, 

IV. Intending  Sharing Light			114
	Master Work & Working Tools, 
	Earning & Contribution, 
	Fellowship & Collaboration, 
	Trumpery & Tolerance, Lodge, Beauty, 
	Light & Shadow, Knowing 

 V. Perpending  Learning More			141
	Travel & Seeking, Right & Angles, 
	Words & Ambiguities, Perception,
	Wages, Mastery, Misdirection & Theos, 
	Above & Below

VI. Indexes					168
	Perpend Ashlars, 
	Recommended Readings/Hints, Endnotes

Building Perpends - Uncommon Aphorisms for Uncommon Masonic Education - Volume 5
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