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Coaching for Success Special Services

Professional coaching when you need it most. Personal coaching when you need it now!



The Building Better Builders Coaching Support

Uncommon Masonic Coaching

(Disclaimer: This Coaching Support does not in any way replace what is offered by any Freemasonic Jurisdication. It is solely based upon the Building Better Builders Series of books, videos, articles, blogs, and workshops.)

The following are typical BBB Coaching Support area. Others are available upon request:

I. Entry Level - Preparing to Learn - The Self
(Building Boaz & Building Perpends)

  • Clay - Commitment / Word Truth
  • Accountability - Trackability
  • Setting Your Plumb - Standards
  • Threshing-Floor - Divestiture
  • 24 Inch Guage - Time Management
  • Squaring Up - Moral Inventory & Integrity
  • Circumscription - Boundaries
  • Strengthening - Virtues
  • Subduing - Emotional Management
  • Level - Civility

    II. Intermediate Level - Learning How to Learn - The Universe
    (Building Athens & Building Perpends)

  • Differentiation Training
  • Trivium Basics - Symbols as Words
  • Quadrivium Basics - Symbols as Numbers

    III. Advanced Level - Learning & Teaching - The Word
    (Building Hiram, Buildling Janus, Building Perpends)

  • Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Teaching, Learning, Instructing
  • Grief
  • Signs, Symbols, Metaphors, Allegory, & Mythology
  • Developing Cement
  • Attraction Principles

    IV. Ruffianology/Cowanism - Effective Indentification and Handling of Ruffians
    (Building Ruffish)

  • Ruffian Basics
  • Procrastination
  • Creative Avoidance
  • Sabotage
  • Incivility

    Coaching Support Available Now with up to 58% Savings Offered Direct from the BBB Coach.

    Select your Desired BBB Coaching Time:
    BBB Coaching Times - 180, 60, 30 or 15 minutes (Coaching times are rounded to the nearest 5 minutes and start when the phone is picked up).
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