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Assessment/Tool Distinctions

To keep this site offering clear, we draw the following distinctions.

Assessment - An assessment evaluates a person, place, thing or situation. It compares the results against a standard or set of guidelines. It gives you information and by its very nature is merely returning to you inventory that you can draw on should you choose to.

Metaphorically, when used properly, it may tell you:

  • that you need a nail,
  • why you need a nail,
  • what kind of nail you need,
  • where to put the nail,
  • when to drive it,
  • how to drive it in, and
  • possibly who should drive the nail in.
It will not drive the nail in. Sure assessments can be USED as tools (ie: to measure or instruct) but they have a specific purpose - to provide INFORMATION - results are secondary. Think of an assessment as a way of storing information - potentially to be drawn on.

Tool A tool helps you accomplish something.

  • It helps you make things happen.
  • It may help you overcome an obstacle, leverage something, get past something, or solve a problem.
  • It is result(s) oriented.
  • It is designed to do work do a job!
Metaphorically, when used properly, it will drive the nail in. Tools may provide INFORMATION but this is secondary to the result(s) the tool is used for - to put something into action and cause something to occur. Think of a tool as an item that helps you put into motion the potential that was stored.

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