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MORE FAQ's: Thinking of Hiring a Coach? Here are some things to consider...

Why Does Someone Hire a Coach?

For a variety of reasons, but here are some of the more common ones:

  • "I'm having trouble balancing my work and my personal life"
  • "My co-workers (boss, clients, etc...) are driving me crazy"
  • "I know where I want to go, but I have trouble getting there"
  • "I want to use more of my skills, but I don't know where to begin"
  • "If I just had someone who can help me hold myself accountable, I'd get so much more done"
  • "I'm going thru a big career transition in my life"
  • "I can no longer get myself going in the morning"
  • "I'm thinking of going into business for myself"
  • "I have some concerns about my business"
  • "I can't seem to get myself organized"
  • "I never seem to have enough money"
  • "I'm too busy with responsibilities"
  • "I need a new direction in my life"
  • "I just don't have time for fun"

But how does a Coach help ME?

Think about this....

As an invaluable partner your coach helps you to...
  • Solve Problems
  • Meet Challenges
  • Make Decisions
  • Reach Your Goals
  • Design a Plan of Action
  • Do Life and Business a Whole Lot Easier!
In addition, your coach "stays with" you to help you:
  1. Keep yourself accountable for your actions and dreams.
  2. Maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.
  3. Defining further strategies and implement your plan of action, working through the inevitable changes and obstacles you will meet on your intended path.
  4. Bring out your personal best, keeping focused on your needs, goals, values and vision.
  5. Keep looking ahead to take advantage of opportunities just now coming into being and opportunities available that you may not be aware of yet.

When would you use a coach?

Most anytime if you're a mover and shaker! That's because a coach is most useful when you are trying to reach a goal, and you need support, feedback, new ideas, brainstorming, "devil's advocate", cajoling, understanding, and an outside person’s view of what’s happening.

A coach is a big help in many situations, including when:

  • You know you need to get organized but can’t figure out how to get started.
  • You’re running a business and stumped about how to handle your challenges.
  • You’re thinking about changing careers or starting a new business.
  • You’re dealing with special challenges in your current job/career.
  • You're stuck and you don't know how to get unstuck.
  • You are facing a new job or business challenges.
  • Your re-grouping after leaving an old job/career.
  • You’re trying to get a new job.

Why does coaching work so well?

Gosh! After all this and you want me to spell it out even clearer? Well, okay . . . how's this?

Coaching works so well because it provides you with a real structure to help you work toward your dreams. You may have lifelong dreams that you’ve never tried to achieve — because they’ve always seemed so big and unattainable. Coaching breaks down those big, “unattainable” dreams into manageable pieces — so that every week you are able to make real progress toward your dreams.

What's a Typical Session Like?

They are GREAT!

  • Your coach listens fully. You’re the focus.
    Your coach listens to:
    • what you say,
    • how you say it,
    • the meaning and energy behind your words,
    • what you are trying to say, and
    • what you are not saying.

  • You to know there’s someone on your side supporting you — someone sticking up for you, rooting for your success and being honest with you.
    If you’re:
    • making important changes or meeting a major challenge
    • trying to accomplish an extraordinary objective
    • building a professional practice
    • transitioning to a new career
    you can really benefit from an outside voice of support, compassion and acknowledgment.

  • You get insight and ideas.
    Your coach wants:
    • you to have a life that inspires others — and yourself.
    • you to be healthy, happy and successful.
    • you to be in outstanding financial shape.
    • you to enjoy your family and friends.
    • a lot for you.

    Really! Your coach will share with you personal and professional:

    • knowledge,
    • experience,
    • advice,
    • ideas,
    • comments and
    • views
    on your specific situation, dilemma or opportunity.

    And your coach will always encourage you to take those all important next steps.

What Can You Expect from Your Coach?

Expect alot! Your coach will be consistently:
  • constructive,
  • positive,
  • supportive,
  • understanding and
  • patient.

During coaching calls, the coach focuses on those actions and matters which will move you along in your life and toward your goals. Your coach congratulates you on your successes, and helps you plan how to deal with troublesome barriers you encounter.

No criticizing or finger-wagging is done — coaching only works if your coach is positive and honest. Your coach has your best interests at heart and works with you to help you get where you want and need to be. Your coach also challenges you to be your best and work with you to get there.

And What About Confidentiality?

Great question, a simple answer . . .

Most coaches will say, "You are free to talk about our conversations to whomever you’d like."

The coach, however, MUST keep your identity and all coach/client information/conversations confidential.

Please let me hear from you if you have any questions or comments.

Try our "Coaching For Success, Inc." Coach's Challenge!

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Either way... ...ask for a Coach!

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