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Promethean Genesis Building Freemasonry

Tampa, FL - September 1, 2009 - Promethean Genesis Publishing (PGP) announced the soon release of its new book Building Boaz – Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education - Volume 2 written by Author and Business/Life Coach Dr. John S. Nagy. Available at www.coach.net, Building Boaz guides readers through a series of thought provoking catechisms designed to improve Entered Apprentice awareness, clarity and success.

Dr. Nagy says, "Masonic writings from the past shed much Light upon current day Ritual; all that one needs to do is to connect the dots." In “Building Boaz," the Doctor ventures forth with a “National Treasure” style zeal into archaic Masonic books and unfolds twelve new, revealing and unique Masonic catechisms to answer questions such as:

  • How do the Square and Compasses play into the connection between Heaven and Earth?
  • What can Entered Apprentices do to Establish a Strong Foundation for future success in Masonry and in Life?
  • What Work must Entered Apprentice Masons do to Properly Prepare for what is to come?
  • What is the Fifth Perfect Point and how can it be used to determine Masonic success?
  • Why is the location for King Solomon's Temple so important to Masons?
  • What knowledge conveyed in a Masonic preparation Ritual used for Entered Apprentices in other countries could benefit Masons in the USA?

These questions and many others are answered within this book and with Masonic precision and earnest dedication to Ritual.

If you're looking for supplementary Light on what your Ritual is actually communicating, Dr. Nagy’s book is a excellent Working Tool to help you explore even further, decode deeper and understand clearer that which is in plain view for all to see.

The book presents many uncommon views about Masonic Ritual symbolism not readily seen by some Masons. Building Boaz takes unusual approaches toward bringing about understanding for readers and offers critical connections and concepts to provoke successful thought and action. The author’s background in Business and Life Coaching helped support the book’s design to create gradual shifts for any reader. Nagy explains, "The book helps the reader make the connections -- each chapter is 'bite size' so the reader doesn’t get overloaded. Many Masons slow their progress the moment they don't make a significant connection to the symbols. Building Boaz helps prevent this by presenting key concepts in comfortable understandable pieces -- making steady connections quick and easy. It also fills the gaps just enough to leave you wanting more.

PGP will make this book available Mid-September.

About John S. Nagy

Success Provoker extraordinaire, Coach Nagy is an accomplished Business and Life Coach, speaker and author. He credits his success to many of the important ideas shared in his books. His Provoking Success message empowers readers to embrace much-needed concepts to realize their undiscovered potential. From coaching sessions and keynote speeches to seminars and workshops, Nagy empowers others to successfully embrace and employ vital life connections.

For more information about "Building Boaz – Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education - Volume 2", PGP and Coach John S. Nagy, visit www.coach.net.

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Building Boaz – Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education
Volume 2

Available for Only: $25.00 US!$15.00 US!*
(*Limited Time 40% Discount Savings Offered Direct from the Author)

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